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Our team of ocean freight specialists is ready to help to fulfill the complex of shipping services as professional sailors on the vessel. Do not spend your time on customs clearance, requesting rates and filling a bill of landing as we can handle it for you.

We kindly provide:

-Full Container Load (FCL)
-Less Than Container Load (LCL)
-Reefer container transportation
-IN/OUT of GAUGE transportation
-Freight Forwarding
-Customs Clearance at port

If an exporter has goods to accommodate in one full container load, he books an FCL (Full Container Load) to stuff his cargo. In an FCL cargo, the complete goods in the said container owns by one shipper. In an FCL owned by one shipper, the cargo in the container need not have fully loaded cargo in the container. Let the cargo be half loaded or quarter loaded container, if booked by one shipper under one shipment, the said shipment is called FCL shipment.

Under an LCL cargo, where in a shipper does not have enough goods to accommodate in one full container, he books cargo with a consolidator to console his goods along with goods of other shippers. This type of shipment is called LCL shipment. The said consolidator arranges a fully loaded container (FCL), and consoles the shipments of other shippers and deliver each shipment to final destination by separating each shipment at final destination.

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